• ANALOGE AUGENBLICKE is the first book of Elsa OKAZAKI.

    It shows 10 years of her analogue photography.

    Like in a diary the pictures are shown from 2009 to 2019 in a chronological order.

    Without any information, pictures instead of text.

    From classic portraits to spontaneous snapshots, the artist shows here a personal selection.


    a photographic diary 2009-2019

    14 x 20 cm

    360 coated pages (incl. 353 photos)

    soft silver Cover / coated and uncoated

    edition of 500 copies

    39 €

    you can find all the book credits here



    Hartliebs Bücher

    Porzellangasse 36, 1090

    Buchhandlung Walther König im MQ

    Museumsplatz 1, 1070


    directly here

    or at Salon für Kunstbuch